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17/06/17 - Mass Decommissioning Of North Sea Oil Rigs In The Pipeline

After over 10 years of careful planning and over 300 studies, Shell is preparing to dismantle the Brent field rigs.


17/05/17 - Hushcraft Thrust Pilot Pod Drive

Hushcraft is testing out its full hybrid diesel-electric conversion system on Eva May, a revamped 1979 Princess 41. Is this new technology up to speed, or just a big waste of energy? Hybrid boats are nothing new, with serial hybrids – the most common kind, combining a diesel engine and an electric motor – readily […]


17/04/17 - How Can The Frequency Of Lifeboat Drill Accidents Be Reduced?

In September 2016, one crew member was killed and four others seriously injured after a lifeboat fell from the world’s biggest cruiseliner, the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, during a basic security drill whilst the ship was docked in Marseille. The lifeboat became detached with five crew members inside and fell from the fifth […]