Mass Decommissioning Of North Sea Oil Rigs In The Pipeline

After over 10 years of careful planning and over 300 studies, Shell is preparing to dismantle the Brent field rigs.

They have been in operation for over 40 years and contributed what in today’s money would be £20 billion in tax revenues, but now the sun has set on the North Sea’s Brent rigs as Shell unveils plans for their decommission.

While decommissioning is often associated with job loss, but the enormity of the task that lies ahead for shell means great potential for economic opportunity. In its lifetime, the Brent Field has supported tens of thousands of highly skilled jobs, which have since been exported globally, and its demise which is to span decades will create many more niches in the job market.

This demand has been anticipated by training specialist MDT International, who have already been working with consultancies Strategic Decom and Well Decom to offer three courses running from Aberdeen and London.

“Planning for decommissioning is a long and challenging process and providing staff with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the process is vital.” Said Drew Leitch, managing director of MDT.

“There are significant socio-economic opportunities for job creation in the Scottish, UK and European supply chains, a foundation from which North Sea based firms can export expertise to other parts of the world.